Pheasant Hunters - Andrew's Crew

...a cool early season hunt...

happy trio of pheasant hunters at truck

the Cover looks nice…lots of pheasants….75 to 80 degree weather makes it kind of hard on the dogs. As one of the pics suggest….Jasper Bianco's shorthair (which hunted very hard) would not leave the mud puddle once he hit his wall. Andrew

abdrews crew at play

warm early season pheasant hunt

A warm late season hunt.

Kansas sunsetSunrise on the prairie enjoying the quiet beginning of the day. The rest of the day was just as enjoyable as we did not encounter a hunter anywhere, the weather great and the quail or pheasant were on every field.pheasants on dog trailer with lightly dressed hunterhappy city hunter in rural kansas

The cold weather and snow makes it a lot more enjoyable. The pheasants have been holding to "kick." Attached are a some pics from this year. One is of Jasper on a day hunt and the other is Chris. Hope all is well. Andrew

John...just got back [December]. Cold...snow...and you know the rest. Here are a few pics. Note that the odd bird on the right is a male prairie chicken that was taken just before dark in CRP grass of all places. We saw a LOT of prairie chickens...more than I have ever seen. The dog pic is my dog Klaus on point and Jasper's year old GSP honoring. And finally, if you can get the pheasant action shot to work, I happened to be blocking and was trying just to take a "walking" pic when a rooster flushed and I got it on film. Hope you have been doing well. Andrew

western Kansas priarie chicken

long pheasant shot

cold ice fog natve grass pheasant

Andrew's next pheasant hunt.

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