Kansas Pheasant Hunting The Late Season

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Feedback - First Opinion

...a couple pics from my end of pheasant season. Each day was very cold and at times blustery, but that made the hunting conditions prefect for some solid points.

Two dog pheasant limit in Kansas winter late Kansas season.

Traveling Kansas hunter with pheasants.

I joined MAHA two years ago for quality pheasant hunts. With that said, my dogs and I end this season achieving pheasant hunter bliss.
Take care, Bryan

late season wild pheasants in Kansas.Live Kansas pictures showing late season hunting conditions. They always deserve a look.

Such a pheasant in the field picture during a Kansas winter shows typical ground snow accumulation. Usually it is not a hindrance to hunting.

The pheasants above are feeding on Kansas soybean waste grain.

Second Opinion

Kansas pheasant hunting resultsThe text accompany these Kansas hunting pictures are by Mike:

"Went on a two day pheasant hunt last Wed. and Thur. (Jan. 24 & 25). Have had a tremendous year and do not want it to end. I may try to go once more before the 31st."

These pictures and text tell a lot about the quality of wild Kansas upland bird hunts. They give evidence that quality hunts exists through the end of the season -- our winter Kansas weather does not stop the hunter.

The cause for good late season Kansas hunting is two factors. The first is the Association is made up of self guided hunters. These are the type of hunter that hunts his own dog and needs no one to show him how to hunt. The second factor is the built in limited hunting pressure through Association private land management.

Mike's Kansas pheasant hunting notes continue:

"...smart, old, end of season pheasants that are difficult to hunt...."

That has never stopped Association pheasant hunters.

Shown below. From the same hunter, Mike, on the same Kansas hunt. His contributions develop reasonable expectations.

Smart enod of season pheasants.

Text that came with the pictures:

"Here are a couple of Kansas habitat pictures, the picture (above) is where I harvested three roosters in about three hours and the picture (below) is where I harvested 1 bird in about and hour and a half. I had never hunted these patches before and I also found 4 coveys of quail; two of them were very large for this time of year, 14 to 16 birds."

Kansas hunting land.

A Third Kansas Pheasant Hunting Opinion

Kansas hunter showing a daily Kansas pheasant hunting season limitThe Kansas daily limit at right is from the last week of the Kansas season.

The story covers a topic most hunters avoid. That is of a single day's hunt over two dogs hunted separately.

The first dog hunted the first two stops of the day. Plenty of pheasants were seen, a few shot at. None were pointed.

Come that afternoon the second dog was put out. The first spot hunted yielded 5 roster points for three in the bag. That hunt took but an hour or less.

The next field with the same dog. Few pheasants were flushed. Some where pointed. All pointed roosters shot at. Finally, the fourth one made it to the bag at last shooting hour.

The only point of this story is that not all hunting dogs are pheasant dogs. Not all dogs are late season dogs.

Not all pheasant hunters will agree with this. They do not have to. Just keep this story in mind when things do not go as well as desired. In this case of this Kansas hunting story there were plenty of pheasants. It is just what any one hunter and dog can do with them that is the question.

When and Where To Go Kansas Pheasant Hunting

This web site is inadequate compared to hunting in a Kansas field.

Pheasant habitat pictures are are always tough to show all that there is. Talking about when and where to hunt even tougher. There are always hot spots that simply do not show any distinctive cover when taken by picture. There are always birds through the end of the Kansas hunting season. With a little snow on the ground many hunters find where the pheasants hangout that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Effort

We will get every upland bird hunter a good start with our recommendations where to start hunting.

The one price all hunters must pay and pay for through only their own boots on the ground, is the effort to hunt new, to them, spots. And, hunting different times of the season. Each field will have a golden nugget, hot spot or sweet spot. However it is described, most places that we recommend to hunt have one of these must hunt spots or more. Finding those spots is the hunt. Those spots also move during the season.

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