Self Guided Iowa Pheasant Hunting
Iowa's Early Season Pheasant hunting Success Pictures

Not All Hunters or Hunting Styles Welcomed

What is to notice about our Iowa hunting pictures is they are of individual or small group hunters and dogs. No drive, party or gang hunts permitted. This Association is for those that enjoy the hunt and their dogs. It is not a social activity or rack up the body count organization.

Success is measured by the enjoyment of the dog, the day and the hunt. Not measured by the number of birds taken.

One hallmark that describes the Association hunter. One who after several seasons behind his own dogs finds another hunter to be a nuisance.

Showing Hunter Results

Iowa pheasant hunting daily limit of three pheasants.

Westie traveled from Arizona for an annual wild pheasant hunt.

About The Association's Southern Iowa Hunting Land Region

For those that have never traveled to southern Iowa what to expect is always a concern.

In terms of Association Iowa hunting land all will be on grain farms. Iowa's prime cover is scrub areas. No hill or pasture country.

Iowa's amenities such as human meals the restaurants are scarce. They range from country cafe's, truck stops and a rare national chain fast food combination general store fuel station.

Grocery stores within this Iowa region amount to three. Passing by one is cause enough to stop in and get some fresh fruit.

Nothing in terms of conditions exist that the average hunter with limited time cannot over come. Jon Nee and John Wenzel, are only a telephone call away. They will act as a friendly point of contact for information to make decisions.

For the evening meal most plan on local sources. For breakfast and lunch it is best to pack those food items in on the hunt.

A common practice for long hunts is to bring a truck tail gate cooker for the evening meal.

Iowa's lodging includes one hotel too nice for muddy boots to motels where we keep our shoes on.

Dog hazards are few. Barb wire fences the biggest concern.

Road travel is better than elsewhere. This Iowa region is quickly east/west traversed by Iowa highway 2. It is on this east/west highway that local lodging will be found. North/south intersecting highways make the region accessible to most traveling hunters.

Local to the Association Iowa hunting lease land roads will vary between gravel and mud roads. The majority of the land is available during the worst wet conditions by gravel roads.

Parking along the gravel road side rather than driving into the farm gate is safer. The edge of the gravel roads have years of gravel build up from snow plow action. Pulling into the farm gate to park may find the tires sunk in mud.

Winter rural road snow plowing will be largely limited to roads with dwellings and power lines. Other roads from dwellings to farm land not on roads with dwellings or power lines when plowed is likely by local farmer plowing. Minimal tax base equals minimal road work. That is how it is in much of this region.

This region above all other Association upland bird regions will have the most winter snow ground accumulation. Some winters have had sufficient snow to prohibit walking through it. Most winters find the snow easily hunted.

For The Average Work A Day Hunter - No Orvis Anything Here

Different dogs. Different self guided hunters. All showing a wide range of success has occurred and likely to continue.

Self guided Iowa hunting with your own dog.

Jack was one of those dogs that those that hunted with him still talk about the day.

Father and son on a pheasant hunt.

Plenty of father and son time alone in the field away from distraction.

Pup with three pheasants.

While all dog breeds are welcomed into the Association not all hunters are.

Pheasants, retriever and hunter.

Daisy had a good day.

Iowa field shot.

Klaus on a day it all came together.

The Down Side Of Self Guided Iowa Pheasant Hunting

Nothing new in any of this text to come. Just our coming to agreement on what is realistic.

Life is never as perfect as these pictures imply. There will be more less than limit days than limit days. That is how wild upland bird hunts have always been and will be.

Not all dogs will be good dogs.

Pheasants will have up and down years.

The Association acquires the best private land it can when it comes time to spend hunter's dollars. This Association knows that only hunt quality will bring the hunter back for years of hunts to come. It is impossible to have good to great hunting every year. Mother nature will do what she does.

Have a read of our overlapping southern Iowa quail hunting land.

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