Pheasant Hunters - Matt + Family

For the rest of us this is Matt Kramer, something of a celebrity for the Association due to his humor and honesty. He is also famous for developing youth hunters and fishermen and women. He has picture displays in this upland bird hunting section as well as in deer, turkey and fishing. I am sure if he had any more time there would be plenty of duck hunting accounts. Now his latest story.

Matt's youngest son with his first Kansas pheasantshey John...thought I'd send in a few photos from our recent bird hunt. My brother and I have very little pheasant hunting experience, other than a few incidental roosters taken while quail hunting, so this trip was mostly a learning experience. First photo is of my nephew with his first rooster. He just happened to make a great shot backing up my hasty missed one...I expect he'll continue to remind me of this fact long after necessary. This photo was taken just as a very cold northern started to blow in and the last chance for being anything resembling warm or comfortable.

His showing where tehy went hunting

Self guided hunts are hard over long days allowing for breaks on the hunter's schedule rather than that of the guide.I was following my Llewellyn hoping to get some good pics when he started getting birdy...I tried to keep up hoping for a good point photo but was too slow. I did manage this distant shot of him (barely seen on the left edge of the plum thicket) on point with my brother and nephew closing in. This point ended up being a 20-bird covey.

We didn't get many points hunting the grass fields...the birds seemed skittish to me and ran like gazelles for about 40 - 60 yards before wildly flushing so we didn't get many shots either. I can't imagine how many birds just moved out of our way that we never even laid eyes on. We finally decided we really didn't know how to hunt these large grass fields where the pheasants had no intention of holding for any kind of point and flush and decided to focus our attentions on ground we thought we might be more effective hunting. Once we started moving birds towards grassy points adjacent to crop fields we began getting some closer flushes and decent shots.

I also included a couple of "fun" photos...taking a break in the tall grass out of the wind...and one tired pooch on the drive back after three full days of hunting.

One tried hunting dog catching some sleep in the truck.

I need to get back out there and spend some more time figuring this all out. Hope you all are having a great New more bird hunt maybe and a rabbit hunt or two and then it's time to think about warmer pursuits...turkeys, crappie!

Not much but the hunting was great


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