Self Guided Pheasant Hunting Final Ideas

The First Pheasant Hunting Trip

The first hunt being better is likely as we have been in business a long time. We can get the hunter to the right pheasant hunting spot.

The first hunt is also likely to be the worst for one of three reasons:

First, many hunters simply do not have the walk in them to hunt the full day. Hunts always start strong. A full day's walk the first day leads to the second day with longer breaks between stops. The third day is often a sleep in day. By the fourth day the realization the land and pheasants are there waiting for the hunter and there is no need to rush. Soon after the desire to be at the first field at first light or last looses importance. Then coffee throughout the day gains value. By the last day of the hunt the satisfaction feeling of having hunted enough sets in.

Next, the dog power required by wild pheasants is unrefined.It goes one of two ways. The less strong relationship between the hunter and the dogs shows through by chasing and long hunting range behavior. Or, as it does happen the dog develops into a slow stalking pheasant hunter. The odds are against the latter as dog instinctual drive is frequently stronger than hunter instilled discipline.

Third, the mentally and physically fatigue degrading shooting skills. Many will tell how when well rested on the skeet or sporting clays range they can go 100 straight. The same hunter will often tell of shots fired and birds not bagged.

Much Hope Prevails

Conversely, those golden days of quick limits with excellent dog work and fine shooting do occur. We all want to repeat these days far more than is realistic to except. One day of such memorable hunts per trip is likely. Every day of the hunt simply unrealistic. We humans are not that good.

After some time on the land not only is the better land for that hunter identified, the better honey holes on that land become known. Knowing those hot spots in a large field will cut down on future walking time. It will also increase the amount of time dogs are on birds.

Dog pheasant hunting with his buddy on a late season hunt

What we all like to see. A dog that retrieves or at the very least marks downed birds for the hunter is absolutely required due to the protective cover thickness. If not having this dog power more pheasant and quail will be left in the field than make it to the bag.

Alternative Ideas

If we all agree that not all of our dogs are great, good or in some cases even average we likewise should not expect every day to be a limit day.

Discussions with long time MAHA self guided hunters is their good years are defined in two parts. The first by bird numbers and second, the honest ones in terms of dog power.

There is a special satisfaction to be gained with good dog work. Even on down years. That distinction makes for the hunter we seek. Any others may not be the self guided wild bird hunters they envision themselves to be.

Where Memories Are Made - A Kansas Pheasant Hunting Trip

Pheasant and quail on one walk. One dog pheasant hunting

One hunter shot all five birds in these pictures. The other hunter just had bad luck of being in the wrong position. It looks like this hunt made for a good story between the two of them.

Nothing fancy in our self guided pheasant hunts. Nothing that would make a good pheasant hunting video. Just average hunters having average days.

self guided pheasant hunt.

Association hunter Jeremy shows a spring time pheasant.

End of this self guided pheasant hunting series.

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