Quail Hunters - Jason

quail hunter and dog.

This was a late season Kansas quail hunt. My wife taking the pictures trying to get dog on point, a quail in the air and me shooting.

Tommy with quail limit.One cold hunt and our best single day as shown by the quail on the box by noon.

Driving out after work I put him down on the first field around 11AM. By that time I decided it must be challenging being a weatherman. The forecasted 15 MPH winds and mid 30's temperatures would have felt like summertime. The wind was everything of 25 MPH and the cold low enough to force on all my cold weather clothing and freeze the water bottles in my vest. Shelter from the tree lines was welcomed. The walk across the open fields enough to make my eyes water from the cold and wind. We found three quail, not quite a covey. We worked them for point and let them all fly.

During hunting season quail food.The next field we found a large covey harvested one and found difficult through the trees shooting for the remainder. Chasing the covey down the wooded creek line until it diffused into nothing. Between the driving wind, light snow and the last hour of light we quit for the day.

The covey on this farm will do well through the winter as the combine left plenty of beans. I enclosed a picture just for the interest of the high volume of beans left behind.

quail pointThe next day the winds were slightly abated and cold in the 20's. We had time enough to hunt three large fields finding two sizable coveys in excess of 20 that provided much singles action. So much so I took time to capture some point pictures.

Running along the edge he slammed into a point on what turned out to be 6 quail. This was the third sizable group from the original covey flush we found. The covey was large flushing well within the property. Spreading over a good piece of the acreage allowing for much singles and regrouping sub-coveys. It was the first stop of the day and when we pulled off and made it back to the truck it was 1130AM. Probably the longest I have ever hunted a single covey. This hunt/field will be memorable as every time we looped back around we found singles. The pup getting in enough action that would equal two of the previous coveys encountered.

dog in field on a hunt.An open ground singles point immediately after the covey flush. After a good many attempts this is currently my best point picture of this pup (9 months). Not stylish and with good standoff.

Our third day I linked up with another member and I worked my pup on backing. A welcomed effort on my side to get a chance to build up reliability in my pup to back another.

Two hunting dogs.It was the best day as the wind was nothing at all and even though cold in the low 30's, it felt warm compared to the previous two days. Plenty of good habitat, more acreage than we could walk and the quail were there in very huntable numbers -- we just had bad luck. The coveys seem to know where the property lines were and at best we would get the covey flush and maybe a single or two points before they were onto the neighbor's property. This was pup's best day for finding quail we knocked down 2 that buried in the grass and we could not find, but he found them.

Overall, a great trip and well worth the fast drive out and back to make it in time for the obligatory Christmas family activities that come around this time of year.

Thanks, Jason

The next season hunt.

...my wife accompanied me and is to have credit for all the camera work. The goal remains to have in one picture a dog on point, a bird in the air and my shooting...

wild quail hunt.

When my wife goes we hunt quail to get the better chances at good dog pictures. This one was a tough hunt for pictures as the quail did not cooperate with easy access. More than half of our points when unanswered with shot simple due to not being able to swing [above is example of the swing limiting cover]...

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