Quail Hunters - Jim

Thirty year Association hunetr with two quail dogsThanks for including the field run and hatch reports in the "Updates" on the website. They start building my enthusiasm to get out in the fields. Here in the KC area in midsummer with lousy hot weather I start getting real interested in following my bird dogs on a cool fall day!

I just sent in my dues for the 12th consecutive year and continue to be very satisfied with the opportunities you provide. This past year I hunted both turkeys and pheasants/quail. The Kansas turkeys outsmarted me, but I did get 2 in Missouri. And, as usual, the dogs and I found pheasants and/or quail on almost all properties visited in both Kansas and Missouri.

I take only a few pictures in the field but wanted to pass along one that shows dad in the foreground on point and his son in the background honoring. Dad has been around longer than I have been a member so he has senior status and will be very part time this season, maybe 1 or 2 fields per hunt. The enthusiasm and nose are there, but his legs just do not work like they used to! Regardless, I know he will try to jump in the truck and want to be along on all hunts.

Thanks to all at MAHA for continuing to providing excellent quality hunting opportunities and hopefully our paths will cross in the field like they did last year in [location deleted] County.


Letter from Jim telling of his wild quail hunts


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