Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck hunting dogs and their hunters have the entire off season to train, refine and field test. Mid-America Hunting Association gives that hunter the chance to duck hunt his dog.

The key aspects are duck hunting at the hunters pace over a variety of terrain. We do have goose, pheasant and quail as well. However, when it comes to duck hunting one day on our private Missouri wetlands and blinds will fix for the season a duck dog’s future. Anything else than duck hunting would be a byproduct of seasons available outside of duck season.


Duck hunting dog requirements within this hunt on your own organization includes sheltering during the hunt as well as overnight. An example of hunting from one of our blinds the dog can be in the blind. For the better disciplined dogs they may be posted outside. If on one of our do it yourself wade-in pools, farm ponds set up in the cattails or other how that dog is posted is entirely up to the hunter. That may require a platform including remote sit on shore.

We have on occasion had Association hunters team up on the buddy hunt list to share a waterfowl hunt. Some dog owners will do so to have another shoot while the owner works his dog. We allow anything permitted by state and federal migratory bird regulations.

Courtesy on the wetlands does require anyone hunting his duck dog to minimize loud voice commands or excessive whistling. Our field set, pond, and lakes are more suited for those more verbal. These areas are essentially one spot per one hunter or same hunting party per day. The Association enhanced natural wetlands may have another blind across the wetlands that would be adversely affected by a less disciplined hunter & dog combination. The real pont about this is we are a dog friendly organization and all should plan to hunt their dogs regardless of the skills of that hunter or dog. There is a place for all. That includes the dogs that may be more pet than hard hunter.

Yes this is a duck hunting dogs page. We also have goose hunts as well. One more chance to work dogs on birds.

Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck Hunting Dogs and Safety

Duck dog safety is several fold. The first aspect is that if hunting from one the Association blinds the shooting range around that blind is chest wader depth at the most. However, that does not mean there is not deeper water on that wetlands near enough a cripple could lead a dog to. For those with less than prime dog power the association has blinds and wetlands of much shallow water. This is inclusive of smaller farm ponds for combination wet/dry spreads and hunts..

This piece is common sense we know. And both the reader and we know that duck dogs have died for lack of preparation.

The next dog hazard during regular season is our common winter weather pattern of cycling freezes and thaws. This creates a variable ice thickness pattern to any pool. Think of a donut and that reflects well the ice that develops during the colder regular season.

Duck Hunting Dogs

Dog and sometimes human supportable ice extends out from shore. As this ice extends further from shore over deeper water it increasing thins. Common is the ice ending at open water deeper than a dog can touch bottom. Once through the ice the dog may not be able to get back on it. The rule in this case is that all dog hunters do what they would likely do any season. The first is to bring an ice breaking capability, an ax is commonly used to open water from hunter through spread. The next caution is to put floatation on the dog. Late season goose sees more of this.




Duck Hunting Dogs and Accommodations

Duck Hunting Dogs


Not all blinds are dog walk up capable. Some of the open water large pool blinds will require the hunter to use most of his chest waders. The dog must swim or as most do use a drag boat to carry decoys and dog. The common users of these blinds are the large decoy spread duck hunters. The decoy load along with the dog being reason for the boat.

Layout boats and dogs are entering into the heavy equipment range for this Association. None of the Association wetlands, ponds, lakes or other have trailer boat access. Any boats used must be man portable across dry land. Those working a dog from a boat must resource that entire accommodation on his own.

We do have a pre duck season tune up option. That would be to dove hunt. Many a good dove have been hunted over milo and cut wheat. This includes the overlapping early teal season. Such a combination hunt is doable on the same trip.


Enjoy the Day, The Hunt and the Dog

The final thought is we exist for the average hunter that has the average dog for most of the dogs in any hunter’s life. All should feel welcome to hunt in this Association without preconception that any dog hunted should be top notch. That simply is not reality and we like you know it. So come out and have a good hunt to any potential of any dog that shares our lives. It has been our experience the better hunters to work with are those that train and hunt their own dogs. It has also been our observation that any picture we have seen always looks better when there is a dog in it.