I just spent another day a field. It was only one of eight days since I have joined the association. Each and every day has been a joy. I have had plenty of shooting and excitement. I am thrilled to spend my precious time engaged in the sport I love rather that looking for a place to do it. However, today has been especially incredible. I sat and watched 5,000 Canada geese swirling over head to land upon the water. This event may seem common place to other, but I never had the pleasure. In addition to the geese I saw ducks of every size and description. Not only did I see them, but they came within gun range in large numbers and often. This day alone has more than compensated me for the expense of membership, because it has renewed my awe and wonderment of nature.

This letter is for those who are considering joining the Association and are hesitant, due to the cost. I joined after I realized the following; I shall always, till the day I die, have a little money. I will not always be able to enjoy the outdoors like I did today. I shall not always be able to enjoy the day with my children. I do not want to be on my death bed and wish I had taught my children the wonders of God's earth. To put it in terms you might be familiarly with, "cost of membership $xxxx, pictures of eleven year old son holding a Canada goose, PRICELESS".

Why did I only shoot one goose? I have always believed that the kill is the end state of the hunt, but it is not the pinnacle. Besides, I only needed the one. Thank you John Wenzel and Jon Nee and God Bless the girls in the office. Randal


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