South Grand River Wetlands

missouri waterfowl south grand river wetlandsHenry County, Missouri.

Private access for you and your family on the South Grand River waterfowl flyway near Truman Lake.

Nearest towns: Urich, Hartwell.

Total acreage, 200 3 separate properties.

Total wetlands floodable acres, 35 (Floodable timber, 170+, Flooded crop fields and open water acreage, 80) Crop goose stubble, 220.

4 blinds

Back watershed from the Truman Lake Reservoir on the South Grand River.

This is a historic Mallard Flyway and former market hunting area. In this area you can choose from public hunting the deep water of Truman lake, stand in line or draw for a blind at Montrose Conservation Area or hunt from the blind of your choice when you want to hunt with Mid-America Hunting Association.

Wire diagram of this wetlands.

A flock of early season Widgeon feeding on flooded smartweed as we were preparing the blinds for the season.

The shooting pool and surrounding water surface looking out from blind 2.

Chest waders are required to access the blind. Under normal conditions, it's an easy walk from the parking area. If the roads are muddy, be prepared to walk 3/4 of a mile. ATV's are allowed to haul decoys to and from the blinds, but they must be parked at the parking area, not near the blind. Remember we are real duck hunters and do not go for sloppy methods.

Blind 2 faces the Grand River to the south.

The shooting pool covers a 10 acre area and is 2 to 3 feet deep. This wetland was developed by the Association in 1982. Levees and pipes have been added over the years to improve both the habitat and the hunting. Blind 2 is only a 50 minute drive from Kansas City. Private land in this area is high demand and almost impossible to acquire. The Grand River is a major tributary to Truman Lake, which has open water for late season hunting when many other Missouri waterfowl areas are frozen and not huntable.

duck blindDuck Blind 3 is accessible by dry land and surrounded by timber on an old oxbow from the Grand River. It is a considerable walk from the parking area if the road leading to the blind is muddy, but easily accessible by ATV.

The water depth is 24 to 36 inches, so chest waders are required to retrieve game.

If a hunter is looking for an early season wood duck drake to mount this is the blind.

Due to frequent log jams on the Grand River, this area floods often on wet years.

Mallards and a variety of other ducks are attracted to the slough to feed on acorns and flooded vegetation. Blind 2 has provided quality duck hunting to our hunters for 22 years.

A view from the blind facing northeast.

Wade-in, meaning no permanent blinds, area largely for duck hunts.

The marsh is 11 acres of open water with natural vegetation of smartweed and millet for the ducks and geese to feed on. Early teal are attracted to this area as well as late season mallards and Canada Geese.

If the dirt road leading to the marsh is muddy the wade-in area is a 1/2 mile walk from the first parking area.

Chest waders are required to retrieve game and to place decoy spreads.

Most hunters are not willing to hunt on their own and prefer hunting from comfortable blinds out of the water leaving areas such as this underutilized. Layout boats and portable blinds are allowed on Association wade-in areas. ATV's are permitted to haul gear and decoys to and from the blinds and wade-in areas, but must use the same roads, dirt paths and parking areas as vehicles.

The question occasionally comes up, do we allow boats with motors on our lakes and ponds without blinds? We do not allow boats larger than small johnboats that can be hauled to the lakes and wade-in areas by person or ATV because these are all working farms and access to our marshes, lakes and wade-in areas is usually difficult and not allowed by vehicle.

Different views of the same wade-in area above and below.

Larger view of one of the blinds and a part o fthe wetalnds.

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