August 9, 2021 Update



Hello Jon and Susie,

This is an archery kill from “delete” County MO. I killed this deer on 11/27 at 4:20PM. The deer is super heavy and I guessed him at 17″ wide. He turned out to be a legit 19″ inside on the nose. He grosses around 140″.


Luckily MAHA land provides for the ability to have full season success due to keeping the hunting pressure down. Not a lot of places you can kill a buck of this caliber following the gun season.

I have one buck tag left to fill and I’ll try to get that done in December.

A big thanks to you guys and all you do.

K.S. and Family


November 23, 2022 Update

Deer Jon & Susie Thanks again for all the wonderful work you guys do keeping this club running smoothly. With time for recreation becoming more

November 21, 2022 Update

Deer Quick hunt and a very nice buck. Congrats Chris look forward to hearing from you next season. Happy Holidays!

November 18, 2022 Update

Upland Bird We haven’t had much feedback from the Kansas upland bird opener, but what we’ve heard is the quail numbers are decent, but the

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