December 1, 2021 Update


Thanks for all the work you do to get us good properties to hunt!! Matt

Thank you for the feedback and photos over the years! 


Fourth year member Matt with son, Heath. Thanks for the great hunting opportunities. Unique buck had 5 points on his right side and only a brow tine on his left.





More Updates...

January 14, 2022 Update

Deer First year member with a nice buck from this season. Congratulations and thanks for the feedback and photo.

January 10, 2022 Update

Waterfowl Jon and Susie, Just wanted to share a few pictures with you. My kids were able to join Travis and I on a hunt

January 7, 2022 Update

Deer Good evening, Just wanted to share pic of our successful hunt. This was Mark and I first year with MAHA. 

January 5, 2022 Update

Waterfowl The recent cold front has pushed down a lot of snows and blue geese. We have a lot of fields that get used by

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