December 18, 2020 Update


I just wanted to share a rare duck that I shot on 12-15 of this year.  We only had one duck come close enough but turns out it’s double banded with a $100 reward band 😁.  I have only heard of these and never seen one. 




March 20, 2023 Update

Deer Hi Jon,  A quick follow up- I pulled my trail camera today. Apparently, the great MAHA lands have more than just deer (see attached)!

March 17, 2023 Update

Upland Bird Hi, Jon, By some standards our season was not one to get excited about, but the older I get, the more I appreciate

March 13, 2023 Update

Upland Bird From member Bruce since 1993. Thanks for sharing. Kansas pheasant limits were hard to come by this past season.

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