December 4, 2019 Update

Hi Jon, 

Just wanted to take a moment to give you a few updates. 

This year, I picked up a (delete) archery deer tag, and while I didn’t fill the tag, I had a ton of fun hunting, saw lots of deer each trip, and passed on many opportunities on bucks in the 130’s and low 140’s.  I came into the hunt willing to eat my tag, holding out for a bigger mature deer.  Unless I hunt the late season, I’ll most likely not punch the tag, but, the hunt was a blast, in early November, I saw 26 different bucks from the same stand in one morning.


I’ve been shooting a few ducks on maha water as well.  Had a really nice hunt the other day, didn’t see many birds, but everything that worked did it really well, and my dog was pleased with the very short retrieves..  

Lastly, as a heads up to some of the members, 2020 Kansas spring turkey regulations have changed, while hunters can still shoot a second bird, only unit 1 and 2 is eligible for the second tag.

Thanks for all you do! 


March 20, 2023 Update

Deer Hi Jon,  A quick follow up- I pulled my trail camera today. Apparently, the great MAHA lands have more than just deer (see attached)!

March 17, 2023 Update

Upland Bird Hi, Jon, By some standards our season was not one to get excited about, but the older I get, the more I appreciate

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