December 5, 2017 Update

Upland Bird Report

Reports are mixed from the upland bird hunters with limits of both pheasant and quail being taken, but most members are not into numbers and want to have a good time and work their dogs at an easy pace.

New Member Feedback

Just wanted to let you know of my recent upland hunt as this was my first hunt with M.A.H.A.

1st Day: Flushed and killed 2 pheasants in a very small area of CRP, first thing.  Also flushed several hens out of the same small area.  This was my first wild pheasant ever taken.  Didn’t have much luck with the quail.

2nd Day: Focused on quail cover and things changed dramatically.  Found birds 15 minutes into the hunt and moved 3 coveys of birds in about 2 hours after checking a few different farms.  Harvested 3 birds. I could have possibly harvested more, but did not want to push them too hard.  It was kind of warm.

I only took pics the first two days. I was a little worried about my dog that third day and ended up letting the vet look at him.

3rd Day: Found 5 different coveys of birds by 12:00 and only stopped because my dog had some puncture wounds from the plum thickets and was limping.  I literally found birds 5 minutes into the hunt and did not leave birds from 8:30 to 12:00.  It was nonstop action.  I harvested 4 birds and tried to not to overwork each covey.  There was no need to.  I would aim to say that a limit could have been taken with no problem (if I could shoot better) if we kept going and hunted singles a bit, but I must say, it makes me happy just knowing they are there.

4th Day: Was not going to hunt due to the dog being pretty battered, but went out to see how he acted and he was not having it.  We moved 3 more coveys of birds.  I harvested 4 birds again.

I just want to extend my sincere appreciation for this opportunity.  This was truly a dream come true for a guy who has listened to old timers talk about the good ole days of quail hunting and who has a dog that has only seen 2 coveys of wild birds.  There is not much that compares to a wild quail in my estimation and I pray that their numbers continue to grow.

Thank you again,


Thank you very much Seth for the feedback. I’m sure we will be able to do business for many years to come. You are a team player.

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