July 26, 2021 Update



Late season photo taken in Henry D last season.

Last weekend (July 18) Jon Jr and TJ spread some millet on the wade-in area and blind 2 shooting pool in Henry D.


Not all of the green below is millet but it appears we have a good bit on its way to feed the ducks this fall.


WaterfowlJuly 25, 2021 
Blind 3 shooting pool.

May 13, 2022 Update

Upland Bird A couple of member field shots from this past season. Thanks for sharing, feedback and photos are greatly appreciated.

May 11, 2022 Update

Deer Had a successful deer hunt this past season. Killed an absolute warrior. He is a 7.5-year-old that is pushing 300lbs. Did not have a

May 9, 2022 Update

Turkey Like so many others this spring the weather has made Turkey hunting tough. While hunting on a farm in (delete) Co. the rain caused

May 6, 2022 Update

Turkey 6:15 fly down bird this am. Despite the rain they were gobbling good. Thanks for the opportunity BD

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