July 26, 2021 Update



Late season photo taken in Henry D last season.

Last weekend (July 18) Jon Jr and TJ spread some millet on the wade-in area and blind 2 shooting pool in Henry D.


Not all of the green below is millet but it appears we have a good bit on its way to feed the ducks this fall.


WaterfowlJuly 25, 2021 
Blind 3 shooting pool.

November 28, 2022 Update

Henry County, Missouri We had a 2 plus inch rain Saturday that greatly helped the water levels on our Henry County managed wetlands. Henry B

November 25, 2022 Update

Deer Bruce put in the time and effort to get it done again this season. Can’t thank Bruce enough for all the hard work he

November 23, 2022 Update

Deer Jon & Susie Thanks again for all the wonderful work you guys do keeping this club running smoothly. With time for recreation becoming more

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