June 30, 2021 Update


Hi Jon – Gus and I had another great season (pics attached).  Although mature tom numbers seemed low on most of the farms we hunted, Gus managed to fill his four tags.  I found three when I was able to slip away from work, but we tried to minimize and spread out our time on the farms this year to lessen the pressure.  We somehow managed to pick the coldest days to hunt this year, it seemed.  The shivering interfered with mid-morning naps, but we had good conversations to pass the time.  Maybe I’m just getting old.  Thanks for all the hard work finding and keeping these properties.  We look forward to visiting them every season.


Jerad (and Gus)

May 26, 2023 Update

Turkey Took the kids to Kansas for a late-season hunt and had a blast. Weather was great, saw a lot of birds mostly young but

May 22, 2023 Update

Deer Hi Jon and Susie: We had a great trip. I was fortunate enough to harvest this buck in 2022.  Very nice buck. Congrats once

May 19, 2023 Update

Fishing The fishing pressure has been minimal so far. Yesterday Earlier this year. Dan has been a member since 1988. Thanks for your support over

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