March 25, 2022 Update


To MAHA Staff;

As a member of MAHA for many years (18) I want to let you know unfortunately I won’t be renewing my membership this year. After having to have a knee replaced and my router cup worked on I can’t walk as far or pull back my bow.

My only regret now is that I didn’t join MAHA sooner in life. My membership has given me the opportunity to harvest many trophy deer / turkey from Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. MAHA has quality properties with great habitat. My three biggest whitetail bucks have came off of MAHA properties. MAHA’s reservation system is easy to use and provides every member a chance to make reservations. The staff has been very helpful and friendly with answering any questions I have had over the years. I have and will continue to recommend MAHA and would encourage any hunters to join MAHA. Thank You again for providing me all these unforgettable hunts and memories over the years.

Sincerely; Steve N

Steve with a late season archery buck from 2007

We’re sorry to see you go Steve. You are/were an incredible sportsmen and person to work with. Good luck in the future from the Nee family and Susie!

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