May 6, 2019 Update

Turkey Hunting


Hey guys…my time for hunting seems to come fewer and further between these days but I did get out for the MO opener this spring. It ended up being one of those quick hunts. I’ve turkey hunted this property many times so rather than spending time with pre-season scouting I just got out there early and set up in an area I knew the birds liked to go, especially mid-morning.

I didn’t hear much gobbling in my area but did hear a few birds way off and on the adjoining area. But they didn’t gobble for long…at 0615 they all pretty well shut up. I was prepared to wait out the morning, sitting still and only calling every so often. About an hour into this strategy, I heard a bird gobble down below me in a deep hollow. I cut and yelped back at him hard and he gobbled back after a short pause. Since he wasn’t gobbling hard or even much at all, I decided one more series of yelps with interspersed cuts and I shut up.

Good decision on my part because within 5 or so minutes this bird and his buddy came walking up over the hill and straight into my setup…I barely had time to shoulder my shotgun.  My hunt was over by 0730.

Very enjoyable hunt but over too soon. But then again…fishing and morel hunting are waiting. The morels in the pic are from my property…it’s been good this year!


Thanks for your all’s work in keeping these good properties in the club and providing us with these opportunities.

Matt, member since 1999

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