Iowa Pheasant Hunting

The Iowa Hunting Resource

Iowa Pheasant Hunting thru Mid-America Hunting Association has existed since 1965. It has given the upland bird hunter the chance to enjoy the day watching his dog work. Each hunter may step out of his truck onto a different field each time of each day and never have to cross his tracks. He does not mix his dogs with others. He does not step over boot prints. All will have more hunting land than time to hunt. He will gain that satisfaction of having hunted enough each day.

This Association is for those that enjoy the day in the field with their hunting dogs. Hunters who only have the mind set of achieving bag counts will fail to use the advantages available.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

How Our Self Guided Hunting Works

To hunt begins with a discussion with Jon Nee, Owner of Mid-America Hunting Association. He have been on every piece of land. He also trains and hunts his own dogs. That experience of being on the land working hunting lease contracts and hunting it behind his own dogs will allow detailed discussions of upland bird distribution and cover.

The common reference for the where to hunt will be the Iowa online land maps. These are available to Association hunters only. Each lease is posted and numbered. That numbered hunting lease is the means to identify where to hunt.

The hunter will develop an itinerary of where to hunt. It will be for all the hunting days he has. That plan will include using the Associations updated local lodging listing. Between the Iowa hunting land maps and the lodging listing each hunter will know exactly where he will be hunting and where he will lodge.

The maps also show well that each hunter may enjoy hunting new land. Hunting new ground often motivates more planned hunts. It is common for those after the first season begin to hunt more days each succeeding year. The value in the more land hunted the more golden nugget spots discovered, the increasing satisfaction with dog on bird action.

Once the plan is set the hunter makes his telephone reservations. The reservations are a means of hunter pressure control. No hunter will ever be denied a hunt. All will be able to hunt through the season. All may hunt on their schedule.

Come the first morning of the hunt the hunter travels directly to his hunting grounds and hunts. No checking in with landowners, no knocking on doors.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting
Fred on his last season. One old dog that never wanted to be left behind.

Mid-America Hunting Association Iowa Hunting Advantages

All dog breeds welcomed. One of the more rare ones at right.

Not ditch hunting. All hunting is within the boundary fence line of row crop farms.

Association collective buying power returns large acreage corporate Iowa farm land back to the average work-a-day hunter. The value of these corporate farms is they are commodity, grain, only farms leaving the wildlife ares to wildlife. A contrasting comparison would be a small acreage farmer that is often diversified with livestock in the non-planted land.

The Association not operating a hunting lodge allows for acquisition of more land outside of the driving distance of any one spot. This allows for money to be spent based on hunting land quality not proximity.

Productive land in and outside of Iowa allows flexibility to hunt where the better upland bird numbers may be from year to year. The Association with its acreage outside of Iowa will allow good pheasants hunts each year. The better hunt may be at the cost of additional driving time. It is most agree that it is better to drive a bit more for better hunting than less and go nature walking.

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

Iowa Upland Bird Hunting Particulars

Shooting Hours

Iowa has shooting hours for upland bird hunting, from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Hunting is seven days a week. The weekend the most citations for hunting outside of these hours are written is the weekend of the Fall-Back time change. This is when there is plenty of daylight outside of Iowa’s shooting hours tricking hunters to get out too early or stay in the field too late.

Season length

Iowa’ upland bird hunting season opener is the last Saturday in October. Pheasant season ends January 10. Quail remains open to January 31.

Bag Limit

Daily three rooster only pheasant bag limit.

Non Residents

Resident and non-resident hunting season dates are the same.


A disadvantage of Iowa’s earlier pheasant season opener is that it is more likely that standing crops will be in the fields. More so during the early part of the season. This greatly expands the available protective cover habitat for the birds.

Throughout The Entire Pheasant Season

Association Iowa hunting is throughout the season. It has a hunt quality independent of the “must hunt the opener” mentality. After crop harvest many find the middle season to offer far better dog work conditions. That includes cooler temperatures.