Waterfowl Hunting

We are Mid-America Hunting Association. A private land, do it yourself hunter organization operating in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa since 1965 offering Waterfowl Hunting.

Association owner, Jon Nee and son Jon Jr.

Private Wetlands

Enhanced natural wetlands with permanent blinds, do it your self areas, in/out water level controls.

Blind shooting pools require chest waders or less. Self supplied coffin blind, small drag boat or dog useful on all other spots.

Self Guided Waterfowl Hunting

We provide private dry or wetlands, online or telephone reservation access limitations, recommendations where to put out your decoys, a local lodging listing. Waterfowl hunters provide all else.

Season Long Access

Flat rate waterfowl hunting over your choice of season. Includes upland birds.

Watch national migratory reports, local weather, to pick when to get out during peak migration. Or, start with early teal to work dogs or scout spots. Continue through regular waterfowl season calling ducks when in or chase pheasant when not. Continue through late goose. Finish with spring goose migration. No one does it all, Nobody has that much energy Our system allows waterfowl hunters to concentrate on their favored pursuit.

How It Works

Association membership is by application. If allocated a slot hunters gain online road map with aerial photo library use of our land. Each spot is numbered. Hunters make an online or telephone reservation to a spot he wants on days he wants.

No one is ever denied the chance to get a blind, pot hole or other within any waterfowl season.

Each will have several spots each day he selects to be outdoors.

We do not expect anyone to know our land. We will act as a friendly point of contact using the online maps as common reference to plan one or several days.