Waterfowl Hunting

Private Land Self-Guided Hunting in Missouri and Kansas since 1965

Mid-America Hunting Association is a private land, do it yourself hunter organization operating in Missouri and Kansas since 1965 offering Waterfowl Hunting.  Missouri is our primary waterfowl state, but our Kansas land also has waterfowl opportunity.

The Association Waterfowl hunting gallery shows proof of performance. Waterfowl Gallery

Private Wetlands

MAHA wade-in area with flooded millet and smartweed.  Water moved from Holding Lake.

South Grand River Private Missouri Duck Hunting Wetland

Managed wetland with flooded millet
One of our permanent blinds

Self Guided Waterfowl Hunting

Big Creek Wetland

We provide private dry or wetlands, telephone or online map/reservation access and a local lodging listing. Waterfowl hunters provide the rest.

How to Hunt with Mid-America Hunting Association

Association Owner Jon Nee Sr. on left, and son Jon Jr.

Association membership is by application. Once accepted, members have access to an online map/reservation system with aerial photos and GPS coordinates.  A detailed map of each blind and wade-in area is provided.   All waterfowl hunting and scouting is controlled through an online or telephone reservation system. 

No one will ever be denied the chance to reserve a blind, wade-in area or lake within the season.

Members have the option to choose from a variety of waterfowl spots each day.

Our MIssouri Wetlands are in the North and Middle Zones.  Our Middle Zone leases are less than an hour drive from Kansas City.  

Waterfowl Hunting Pressure

875 total surface water acres in Missouri and Kansas spread across 11 counties.

4 Missouri Managed Wetlands on 365 surface water acres with 11 blinds and 9 wade-in areas. Spots for 71 waterfowl hunters on our managed wetlands alone.

31 Missouri and Kansas irrigation and watershed lakes on 510 surface water acres. Spots for 93 waterfowl hunters.

164 total waterfowl spots in Missouri and Kansas.

22 total hunters on opening Saturday during 2019 season.

19 total hunters on Thanksgiving Friday during 2019 season.

80 total Association waterfowl hunters during the 2019-20 MAHA waterfowl season.

Below is a pressure report for the past 2 seasons which includes early teal, regular duck, late goose and the Spring Light Goose Conservation Order. Note: Members can hunt multiple states for multiple seasons, so those members will be counted numerous times.

2019       Iowa n/a                                                 Kansas 14                                                          Missouri 80

2018       Iowa n/a                                                 Kansas 9                                                          Missouri 72