December 10, 2021 Update


Hey Jon and Susie,

Just wanted to share a photo of from a recent hunt. Lack of water, weather and ducks has made for a tough season, but we’re finding a few here and there, and just enjoying getting out and making a few retrieves.

Dee is in the twilight of her career, but made some outstanding blind retrieves on this day. I know she sure appreciates the short retrieves and close in decoy work offered on MAHA ground.

Thanks for all you do, hopefully we can get a little bit of weather to finish out the seasons strong.



May 11, 2022 Update

Deer Had a successful deer hunt this past season. Killed an absolute warrior. He is a 7.5-year-old that is pushing 300lbs. Did not have a

May 9, 2022 Update

Turkey Like so many others this spring the weather has made Turkey hunting tough. While hunting on a farm in (delete) Co. the rain caused

May 6, 2022 Update

Turkey 6:15 fly down bird this am. Despite the rain they were gobbling good. Thanks for the opportunity BD

May 4, 2022 Update

Turkey The 2022 turkey season has had terrible weather along with a late spring, but with trying multiple properties over several counties and aggressive tactics

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