December 15, 2023 Update


Hi Jon and Susie,

Here are a few really bad pictures as it was a 2.5-hour drag to get this beast out of the woods. A big thanks goes to my buddies for helping! Beautiful 13-point buck with 8 on his left and five on his right. Battered up old warrior with scars and torn up hide with a few points banged up. Thank you both for all you do.

February 19, 2024 Update

Deer Thank you Jon and Susie and thank you for your hard work and for the great opportunity to belong to an association like you

February 16, 2024 Update

Waterfowl A busy early season duck hunt, lots of green winged teal. The green winged teal population was up this year and they stayed with

February 14, 2024 Update

Deer Junior member Evan with a very nice buck from this past season. Congrats on a successful run with MAHA over the past 3 seasons.

February 12, 2024 Update

Waterfowl Jon, This waterfowl season was an odd one because life’s other responsibilities limited the amount of hunting I could do. It was fun when

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