December 2, 2020 Update

Upland Bird

The forecast prior to the season was a hit and miss report and one needed to be able to hunt a variety of areas to locate birds, especially pheasant. MAHA upland bird members are fortunate to have land to choose from in 3 states covering 79 counties.

Below are recent success photos from an anonymous member.



Hidden Farm

Ringgold Unit B 10



June 17, 2024 Update

Waterfowl Henry A Winkler’s Lake is drained down and drying out to redo the levee andinstall a stop log structure to control the water level.

June 14, 2024 Update

Turkey Hi Susie and Jon – It was a weird season for us.  We had zero luck early in the season.  We heard lots of birds, but

June 12, 2024 Update

Deer First year member with a nice archery buck from the 2023 season. Congrats and good luck this coming season. Hidden Farm Bates County, MO

June 10, 2024 Update

2024 Spring Turkey Overview April and May are beautiful months in the Midwest. This year the weather was more cooperative than years in the past

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